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Experience Farm-to-Table Freshness at The Hideout Grill

June 01, 2022

Farm-to-table cuisine is not new to chefs, it is described as the use of homegrown natural ingredients and the idea of guests wanting an organic experience. However, as the idea has grown here at The Hideout, we’re excited to share with you a more in-depth look at how we’re incorporating these philosophies and general wellness practices throughout The Hideout and The Hideout Grill with our “What’s Growing in the Garden” segment.

Wellness starts in the garden and what we consume in our daily diets. It would be disingenuous to suggest that diet is nothing more than a quantifiable sum of nutrients. Our consumption of food is based on what we have been taught by our culture, our neighborhood, and what was available to us. Traditionally, the busy American lifestyle lends itself to foods that are quick and easy. The unavoidable truth to that is the industrialized diet that most Americans consume is high in heavily processed foods, saturated fat, refined sugars from fructose corn syrup, and red meat from animals that themselves have been raised and processed in an unhealthy manner. Unfortunately, that means too few people are benefiting from fresh, unprocessed foods fruits and vegetables, and healthy carbohydrates from grains.

Now, don’t assume we’re saying the occasional indulgence or a tasty chicken fried steak is off limits. Rather, we see The Hideout Garden as a place to rediscover and embrace overall Wellness. Let’s face it, eating is essential to our survival and daily existence. While studying at the Culinary Institute of America, a Professor Chef once explained, eating is our single most intimate act because through food we recreate ourselves each day of our lives. And beyond individual needs, there is a real sense that eating is a social act, a way of communicating, of expressing solidarity and relationship. Gathering around the table and literally breaking bread together is both a symbol of communion and an act of communion in and of itself.

From a very early age, children absorb the cultural message that it’s important to pay attention to and be aware of where our food comes from, how it is prepared, and the way it comes into our lives.

Want to learn more about the importance of eating healthy and what we are offering at The Hideout? Come taste what’s currently growing in our Hideout Garden including okra, beans, squash, watermelon, and cucumber. Better yet, come enjoy our farm-to-table freshness with a delicious meal at The Hideout Grill! Browse our breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus and learn more about what's offered at The Hideout Grill here.

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