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Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

June 16, 2022

A Guide to Help You Discover Your Swing at The Hideout Golf Club

So, you want to learn the game of golf? Well, you're in luck. The Hideout Golf Club & Resort is known for its championship golf on a designer course by professional golfer, Bill Johnston. The course takes full advantage of the rolling terrain to create a true Texas Hill Country 18-hole masterpiece. Standing at the course's high points provides beautiful vistas of lush fairways, meandering creeks and giant oaks ... views that seem to go on forever.

But natural beauty is just the beginning of why this is the best golf course in this part of the state to perfect your swing... within an easy drive of Midland, Odessa, Abilene and Lubbock. The course was designed to challenge golfers of ALL skill levels with bunkers, stands of trees and water hazards strategically placed to reward distance and accuracy.

We've compiled a few tips to help you DISCOVER your SWING out on The Hideout course. It really all comes down to 5 things!


The game starts with the right equipment—which you can have your choice of at The Hideout's fully stocked Pro Shop. A wide selection of equipment is available to ensure your best golf experience. Although, as a novice golfer just starting out you can take advantage of clubs labeled for beginners. You can always upgrade once you've become more experienced.

You really only need a few clubs to start out. Standard golf regulation allows a maximum of 14 clubs, but you will need 3 to begin!

  • Driver — used for teeing off, and occasionally the fairway
  • Putter — designated for rolling the ball into the hole after it's on or just-off the green
  • Wedge — hitting short, high shots from or near the green or out from bunkers

With more experience, you will want to add a hybrid club (used for shots 150+ yards traveling air) and an iron (used for hitting toward the green from 120-190 yards away—irons range from -2 to -9... you'll want to use higher-numbered irons for shorter shots and the latter for longer shots).

Useful items to include in your golf bag when on the course include multiple balls, wooden tees, gloves, a rain jacket, pitch-mark repair tool, small coins to mark your ball on the green, pencils, sunscreen, and a towel!


The swing is the most important part of any player's game. Learning a good swing early on will help you as you progress. The Hideout has its own driving range for this reason. Come and work on your swing any time you please. Some tips on your swing and form include-

  • Keeping your hands low, your left wrist flat and your left thumb pointing at your right shoulder (opposite for Lefties)
  • Make sure your elbows and arms form a tight triangle when revving up your swing
  • Rely on your body for power not your arms, make sure to "hinge" your arms to allow for this body power

The swing is broken down into three types of movement-

  • Drive = used for teeing off, and occasionally the fairway
  • Chip = low shot, runs along the ground—used when you don't need to get over an obstacle, and have a lot of space between you and the hole
  • Pitch = high flying shot that has less roll, used to get over an obstacle or stop the ball fast


Learn to speak the language of the game. Standard terms include the following-


  • Ace = Hole in One!
  • Par = the number of strokes a good player would expect to make on a hole or course
  • Double Eagle = a score of 3 strokes under par at a hole
  • Eagle = a score of 2 strokes under par
  • Birdie = a score of 1 stroke under par
  • Bogey = a score of 1 stroke over par
  • Double Bogey = a score of 2 strokes over par

Common Hazards and Penalties:

  • Out-of-bounds = 2-stroke penalty (including the stroke you hit originally), drop the ball where you last shot and continue
  • Whiff = count each time you swing in an effort to hit the ball
  • Unplayable Lies = 1-stroke penalty, drop the ball within two club lengths of the original spot
  • Water Hazard (Yellow Stakes) and Lateral Hazard (Red Stakes) = 1-stroke penalty, play the ball from as near possible to where the original was last played, or drop a ball behind the hazard keeping the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard between the player and the hole


Some simple rules to be mindful of while on the course-

  • Don't Dilly-Dally! Keep up with the pace, as there are others on the course. Don't hold up a hole, and when looking for your ball take no more than 5 minutes before moving on.
  • Play Safe! Try not to injure anyone either with your ball or your swing. Know where to stand and stay clear of others' shots nearby. Yell the infamous disclaimer if you're ball is mid-air near another player- "Fore!"
  • Be Respectful! This includes showing respect to the course itself, and other players. Play within the limits of the course and NEVER move your ball or another player's.


All these rules and terminology can sound intimidating. But, just remember that the game is meant to be enjoyable. There's no rush to become a golf prodigy- just take your time and your skills will follow. The Hideout offers many opportunities to practice your swing through various open tournaments and available tee-times. All memberships include priority tee-times 7 days a week, unlimited golf with cart and unlimited Range Balls. Members also receive a 10% discount on all merchandise sold through the Pro Shop.

Golf privileges are included in the purchase of a homesite at The Hideout Golf Club & Resort. In addition, there is an assortment of membership opportunities to suit individuals, couples and families.

To learn more about owning a piece of paradise in Texas Hill Country or purchasing a membership that gives you endless opportunities to perfect your swing, visit or call 325-784-8000.

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